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Our Process

At Harbor Wealth Management, we employ a client-centric process designed to help investors and retirees take command of their wealth. As your strategic partner, we apply our experience and seasoned perspective to building sophisticated strategies that integrate all aspects of your financial life.

Though we are engaged in adapting to our rapidly-changing industry, we separate ourselves from other firms by adhering to our disciplined and time-honored approach. Through all stages of our partnership, we make ourselves available to you at your convenience.

1) Exploration

When building a wealth management plan, the right questions yield the best answers: Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? What do you value most? By understanding and exploring your short-term needs, long-term goals, risk tolerance and more, our professionals will create custom strategies to help you pursue them.

2) Data Gathering

Through in-depth analysis of your objectives and risk tolerance, we will identify the ideal blend of asset classes for your unique profile. Our investment philosophy employs various diversification and allocation strategies to minimize your risk exposure while helping maximize your wealth.

We also believe you must be able to quickly engage and interact with your online portfolio. Through harnessing cutting-edge technology, our secure and advanced digital tools allow you to access your accounts anywhere in the world.

3) Plan Development & Recommendation

We will provide a detailed analysis of your finances, develop customized strategies, and offer suitable recommendations to address your future needs. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and are dedicated to serving your best interests in every way.

After you select your financial plan, we will continue to analyze each area of your portfolio. Our holistic oversight allows us to seek new opportunities for growth while defending your best interests at all times.

4) Implementation

As our specialists implement your custom strategies, we will coordinate the implementation process with additional members of your team, including legal, accounting and trust professionals. To help protect your financial future, we will ensure all areas of your plan strive to meet your expectations. We prioritize consistent communication every step of the way.

5) Active Wealth Management

Truly comprehensive wealth management plans adapt to the unexpected. As markets and economies change, your financial plans must have the elasticity to address your unique and evolving needs. Through ongoing strategy meetings scheduled at your convenience, we will be ready to adjust your plan through all chapters of life. We will stay vigilant and work alongside you in an attempt to promote your continued success.


Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.